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  1. VW began factory built ambulances in 12/51.

  2. VW began including an automatic choke with the introduction of the 40 HP in 1961.

  3. It was also with the 40 HP that the transaxle got all 4 gears synchronized.

  4. The Beetle got energy-absorbing 5 MPH bumpers in 1974.

  5. A "trafficator" is the German language term for those pre-í56 non blinking flipper turn signals we call semiphores. There was an after-market kit that did add blinking ability.

  6. In late 1955 the Type 2 wheel went from 16" to 15" and then in late í63 the model got 14" wheels.

SEPTEMBER'S New Questions

  1. Why did U.S. spec. Beetles have tubular overrider bars on the bumpers, but the Euro-spec. did not?

  2. When did VW eliminate providing a locking engine lid latch from the Beetle as standard equipment in favor of a push button version?

  3. When the VW was being designed in the 1930ís who pressed for the sloping shape of the Beetles frontal area?

  4. One particular American automobile magazine writer was the first to praise the virtues of the Beetle. The reaction of other automobile writers of the time was to denounce him as a nut. But later he had the last laugh! Who was he? When did he do so? What was the magazine for which he wrote?

  5. Long before Dr. Porsche and his team designed te VW he had created an air-cooled "flat-four" engine. When did he do so and for what application?

  6. In what model year did the Karmann Ghia cabriolet become available?

- Answers next month -

By Herschel D.