VW Horizons

By Bill C.

Could Be!

R32 That is the name of VWs Subaru WRX fighter. Though not headed to America yet, it could include us at some date. Right now, its those lucky Europeans that who to play with this "big boys toy." According to what I read, the "R" will become VWs equivalent to the "M" and "AMG" designators at BMW & Mercedes.

The R32 is based on the Golf. But forget about GTI and rethink... R32. This should be the fastest, most powerful Golf to ever come down the pipe. Yes, were talking a 237-hp V-6, with a red-line of 6500, pushing the fire down the pipes to a pair of way cool oversized exhaust tips that poke out the rear valance. Drooling yet? Though the peak ponies come in at 6250 rpm, this bad boy reportedly has plenty of low and mid-range torque; so much so, that some are tempted to short shift.



What about a reworked front end with enough grills to compete at the Memphis in May Barbecue? It depends on 18-inch, 15 spoke O-Z wheels to hold all the tires (22540ZR-18s) that are necessary to glue this guy to the asphalt. And, to keep YOU planted on those turns, how about a pair of deep, Konig bucket seats while you hang on to the 6-speed shifter. With all this, you also get some brushed aluminum on the pedals, around the gauges and center dash.

I know you could care less about this part. But 62 mph comes in 6.2 seconds and the Euro version tops out at 153 (where-can-you-go-this-fast) mph. Now, if it could just get 50 mpg...