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Sensible Model Car Collecting

By Herschel D.

I enjoy collecting model cars, but I am not willing to pay for packaging nor artificially imposed "limited" availability. Sometimes a small scale miniature car that normally sells for only around a dollar, is given some sports team or company logo and produced in "limited quantities" to get you to pay $15-$20 or more. To me this is a rip off! You are supposed to salt it away never opened (the only packaging I save are the ones that come to me already vintage) for about ten years so you could, say, then sell it on E-Bay then, supposedly for a lot higher price than you paid for it! But, buyer Beware!

At the end of that ten years a lot of those models come out of the closet at nearly the same time and create a glut on the market, making it difficult to even sell it for what you paid for it; let alone more! Meanwhile the cheap one dollar versions have experienced a lot of attrition through being played with and enjoyed (NOT kept in an unopened package) and thus have become genuinely rare and, possibly, actually worth MORE than the limited edition one! I will pay more for a deluxe edition that actually has enhanced detail. I also delight in finding interesting model cars that are modestly priced reissues of earlier expensive originals. Antique dealers sometimes cry fowl about those replicas, thinking that their originals will go down in value. I TOTALLY disagree!

The people that want to say they have an original and can afford them, will still pay the big bucks to have the model. the vendors do not lose any business to those of us (like me) that cannot afford the expensive originals, either, because we are already priced out of the market! I have always been an advocate of the "sell a lot for a little" theory, too. Because, I believe that a moderately priced model will make more profit than selling the model for an inflated "collectibles" price that results in fewer actually sold or a lot slower selling. To each his own, and disagree if you wish. But this is the way I get to enjoy model cars on a budget! I visit antique malls and the flea markets for the best bargains. I donít mind taking home a "well played with" old toy VW for a fix up, just the sort of old toy that speculator-investors turn their noses upto or even throw away!